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0002845NetSurfFramebuffer-specificpublic2022-03-20 04:022022-05-08 14:16
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Platformamd64OSGentoo LinuxOS VersionUnstable ~amd64
Product Version3.10 
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Summary0002845: Unable to start netsurf in the framebuffer
DescriptionHello, same downstream Gentoo user here :D

When trying to start netsurf in the framebuffer, this is what I get:

Unable to open display
Error initialising wayland connection
Unable to initialise framebuffer

I'm using Sam's patch to get it to build successfully, and tried with a few (but not all) combinations of USE flags.
Steps To ReproduceA) build latest netsurf on gentoo with `fbcon` USE flag

B) try running netsurf-fb

C) no worko

I think this problem has something more to do with my system than the gentoo package, lmk any additional info you need :)
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Moth Cruz   
2022-04-20 16:44   
Any update about this bug?
Blare Martin   
2022-05-08 14:16   
This way one doesn't need to actually press Ctrl+Shift+Plus, to achieve it. Most browsers, accept both Ctrl+= and Ctrl+Shift+= (aka Ctrl+Plus).

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