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0002824Buildsystem[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-06-05 22:392021-06-05 22:39
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Summary0002824: Porting to GNU/Hurd
DescriptionNetsurf 3.10 does not build on GNU/Hurd due to 2 documented issues:
GNU/Hurd uses the mach kernel but is not Apple and can use function clock_gettime()

The macro PATH_MAX is not defined in POSIX and is not present in GNU/Hurd

The attached patch addresses these two issues. For the latter case, the string size is allocated dynamically using functions of the asprinf() family and realpath() called with the NULL argument. I don't know if these functions are present and work as intended on all platforms that Netsurf builds on. If this patch creates problems for other OS, would you consider using the Gnulib functions?

The patch was created against version 3.10 on Debian.

With this patch, the functions filepath_find() and filepath_sfind() have become pretty much equivalent. I have not suppressed either to keep the patch minimal and to let you decide what you would like to do.
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Attached Filespatch fix_ftbfs_hurd.patch (13,179) 2021-06-05 22:39

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