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0002710NetSurfLayoutpublic2019-10-11 23:412019-11-29 21:03
ReporterHarriet Bazley 
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PlatformIyonixOSRISC OSOS Version5.22
Product Version3.10 
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Reported in CI build #4885
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Summary0002710: Preformatted text fails to align is designed to provide weather forecasts formatted with ASCII art suitable for terminal display. But the display doesn't line up correctly when viewing the site in Netsurf - the characters become more and more misaligned, as can be seen by the increasing distortion in what are intended to be vertical lines. The 'boxes' around the dates are always massively to the left of where they should be. Evidently the characters aren't all being rendered at the same width, despite the 'pre' tag which the website expects to achieve this.
Steps To ReproduceRequest a weather report from the site, e.g.
Additional InformationIf you export the page as text, the resulting file *is* aligned as expected (save for Netsurf's valiant attempt at a meaningful rendition for the right arrow character, which comes out as two characters wide - preferable under normal circumstances to a question mark, but causing a slight problem here).
If you ask Netsurf to display the PNG version (using, for example, the URL ) then the intended display is obtained.
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html London.html (30,605) 2019-10-11 23:42
txt London.txt (3,833) 2019-10-11 23:42

Harriet Bazley   
2019-10-11 23:42   
London/html - source which generated screen shot above.
Harriet Bazley   
2019-10-11 23:42   
London/txt - result of exporting page as plain text
Michael Drake   
2019-11-29 21:02   
It looks like you're using a font like Corpus(?) as the monospace font that doesn't have a wide Unicode coverage. For the wind direction arrows it will be substituting the glyph from some other font which has the glyph. But it won't be the same monospace width as the Corpus font.

Try changing the monospace font in Choices to one with a wide Unicode coverage.

You may be able to convert one with:

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