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0002702NetSurf[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-08-31 19:022020-02-21 10:48
ReporterChris Young 
Assigned ToDaniel Silverstone 
PlatformAmigaOSAmigaOSOS Version4.1
Product Version3.10 
Target Version3.10Fixed in Version3.10 
Fixed in CI build #4972
Reported in CI build #4842
URL of problem page
Summary0002702: Google no longer loads
DescriptionGoogle does not load, it continually cycles with different #spf= numbers in the URL.
Steps To ReproduceVisit
Additional InformationI think this has been caused by a change on Google's site rather than NetSurf.
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duplicate of 0002699confirmed  Googkle home page inacessible in RISC OS NetSurf 
Attached Filesgz ns.log.gz (14,584) 2019-08-31 19:02

Vincent Sanders   
2019-10-21 10:40   
as noted on the linked bug this seems to be caused by javascript and slow systems. i think perhaps the spf value has expired by the time the slow systems load the page
Daniel Silverstone   
2020-02-21 10:48   
We weren't completing the content state machine if an async script completed after the html conversion process had completed. The fix I pushed should deal with that.

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