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0002698NetSurf[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-08-16 10:572019-10-15 13:53
ReporterPeter Young 
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PlatformRISC OSOSRISC OSOS Version5.25
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Reported in CI build #4833
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Summary0002698: RISC OS NetSurf failing to respond to URLs
DescriptionFor about four weeks RISC OS NetSurf's test builds haven't been able to respond to URLs. It took me some time to discover that this is because double-clicked URLs were being trapped by UniServer. If I quit UniServer then NetSurf will respond to URLs.
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Vincent Sanders   
2019-09-03 21:39   
assuming we are talking about

then it seems that opening urls is one of its features and it is working as intended?

Is this really a NetSurf bug at all?
Peter Young   
2019-09-29 17:26   
Apologies for the slow reply; I've been away. As Vincent says it probably isn't a NetSurf bug, and I now have a work-round anyway. However, the awkward fact is that it didn't happen until one of the test builds came out about two montths ago. In any case, I'm happy for the issue to be closed.

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