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0002640NetSurfCore-specificpublic2019-04-07 11:082019-09-08 08:42
ReporterFelix S. 
Assigned ToDaniel Silverstone 
PlatformGTK, FramebufferOSLinuxOS Version
Product Version3.8 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
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Summary0002640: Cannot browse Twitter
DescriptionAttempting to any page on the domain generates a message: 'Error in the HTTP2 framing layer'. Opening instead works fine.
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related to 0002634acknowledged Vincent Sanders crash in fetch_curl_poll 
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Vincent Sanders   
2019-05-06 15:50   
It appears you have a libcurl that supports http2.

We have not tested this configuration.

Please can you provide more information on your platform (Linux distribution, version etc.) so we can attempt to reproduce
Felix S.   
2019-05-10 16:23   
Stock Debian buster/sid, the platform is i386. Currently using a git snapshot build based on NetSurf 3.8 (because Debian repos only contain 3.6...), built against libcurl4:i386 7.64.0-2; but I remember the issue appearing even in stock distro build, i.e. 3.6-3.2, which uses the same libcurl4 anyway.

Why would HTTP2 make a difference, anyway? I'd have expected curl would have made it transparent.
Daniel Silverstone   
2019-06-09 16:04   
While the expectation is that it ought to be transparent, it somehow does not appear to be so. Or at least it crashes for us.

Could you please try with current master which disables http/2 for now.
Daniel Silverstone   
2019-09-08 08:42   
It has been discovered that the issue lies within cURL itself. For now we're locking cURL to HTTP/1.1 and we'll look at reenabling HTTP/2 once there's a fixed libcurl.

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