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0002639LibNSBMP[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-03-19 22:462019-05-06 15:48
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Summary0002639: The "cursor" subtype of the icon format is not recognized.
DescriptionWindows Icon files have two subtypes "icon" and "cursor". The only difference between them is that with "icon" values for colorplanes and bits per pixel can be defined (which are ignored by libnsbmp from what I can see). While "cursor" has values for hotspot position (which ain't relevant in this case). So the fix is very trivial.

Why this matters to me is because I use libnsbmp to decode the embedded icons in Windows Animated Cursor files. The frames can be of ether subtype. And what I do now is simply altering the byte in the header to make libnsbmp accept the "cursor" subtype. (It works but is kind of uggly.)
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