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0002622Hubbub[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-09-25 10:102019-02-16 17:54
ReporterJ. Peter Mugaas 
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Platformmingw-w64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version0.3.1 
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Summary0002622: 0.3.5 - New cmake-based build system for libhubbub
DescriptionI have made a cmake based build-system for libhubbub. This one works fairly well on Windows and also compiles in the MSYS2 environment. I could not use the netsurf-buildsystem due to issues I discussed.

Some tests still don't work but that is in the source-code and test programs. About 85% of the tests work but I am able to run tests. Sorry the file so lengthy because I wanted everything to be contained in it so that I could use it in a Win32 package with as few files as possible and I as I say, I don't want to use the netsurf-buildsystem (I have very little faith in it working on Windows). This does build both static and shared libraries in Windows including putting resource information into the .DLL and it does create a pkg-config file.

But in any case, it is a good start to try to port some of the libraries to Windows for reuse in various software. Please feel free to use, modify, and reuse the work I did on it. It's my gift everyone (my way of paying back).

Incidentally, it turns out that some tests don't require json-c. If a user doesn't have that installed, the subset that will compile are used (some is better than none).

Share and enjoy!!!
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Attached Filestxt CMakeLists.txt (51,879) 2018-09-25 10:10

J. Peter Mugaas   
2018-09-28 11:00   
BTW, there are some test failures with libhubbub in Windows.

The following tests FAILED:
          9 - Public_parser_API_shared__HTML5_specification (Failed)
         11 - Public_parser_API_shared__HTML_document_that_breaks_libxml's_HTML_parser (Failed)
         14 - Public_parser_API_shared__ (Failed)
         15 - Public_parser_API_shared__ (Failed)
         27 - HTML_tokeniser_shared__HTML5_specification (Failed)
         29 - HTML_tokeniser_shared__HTML_document_that_breaks_libxml's_HTML_parser (Failed)
         32 - HTML_tokeniser_shared__ (Failed)
         33 - HTML_tokeniser_shared__ (Failed)
         52 - HTML_tokeniser_again_shared__html5lib_unicode_character_tests (Failed)
         63 - HTML_tokeniser_byte-by-byte_shared__html5lib_unicode_character_tests (Failed)
         67 - Treebuilding_API_shared__HTML5_specification (Failed)
         69 - Treebuilding_API_shared__HTML_document_that_breaks_libxml's_HTML_parser (Failed)
         72 - Treebuilding_API_shared__ (Failed)
         73 - Treebuilding_API_shared__ (Failed)
        110 - Public_parser_API_static__HTML5_specification (Failed)
        112 - Public_parser_API_static__HTML_document_that_breaks_libxml's_HTML_parser (Failed)
        115 - Public_parser_API_static__ (Failed)
        116 - Public_parser_API_static__ (Failed)
        128 - HTML_tokeniser_static__HTML5_specification (Failed)
        130 - HTML_tokeniser_static__HTML_document_that_breaks_libxml's_HTML_parser (Failed)
        133 - HTML_tokeniser_static__ (Failed)
        134 - HTML_tokeniser_static__ (Failed)
        153 - HTML_tokeniser_again_static__html5lib_unicode_character_tests (Failed)
        164 - HTML_tokeniser_byte-by-byte_static__html5lib_unicode_character_tests (Failed)
        168 - Treebuilding_API_static__HTML5_specification (Failed)
        170 - Treebuilding_API_static__HTML_document_that_breaks_libxml's_HTML_parser (Failed)
        173 - Treebuilding_API_static__ (Failed)
        174 - Treebuilding_API_static__ (Failed)
Daniel Silverstone   
2019-02-16 17:54   
Thank you for your contribution, however we are not cmake users and the rest of the project does not use cmake either.

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