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0002542NetSurfDevelopmentpublic2017-05-14 10:012023-08-14 00:52
ReporterAlastair Hughes 
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Platformx86_64OSLinuxOS VersionArch
Product Version3.6 
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Summary0002542: Build failure against upstream's utf8proc due to moved header
DescriptionUpstream ( installs utf8proc.h to include/utf8proc.h instead of include/libutfproc/utf8proc.h ( However, netsurf assumes it will be in include/libutf8proc/utf8proc.h ( It would be nice if Netsurf could use the upstream version unaltered.
Steps To ReproduceAttempt to build netsurf against upstream utf8proc instead of netsurf's fork.
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Vincent Sanders   
2017-06-09 20:38   
The fixes were merged upstream

and placed in release 2.1

as such netsurf can now be built with upstream
Alastair Hughes   
2017-06-10 00:46   
I'm using utf8proc 2.1, netsurf 3.6, and it does *not* build out of the box.

To fix the build I have to provide a pkg-config file with the utf8proc package, and fix idna.c to include <utf8proc.h> instead of <libutf8proc/utf8proc.h>. This issue is about the utf8proc.h header location.

I'm building netsurf on Arch Linux, with an updated version of the utf8proc package. If there's some flag I've missed which makes things work please share :D
Vincent Sanders   
2017-06-10 08:52   
you are correct although the code changes were made

the pkg-config issue has not been resolved.

we will attempt to persuade upstream to take notice of this issue at which point upstream header location will be resolved
Michael Orlitzky   
2023-08-14 00:52   
The pkg-config issue was resolved a long time ago:

Fixing the header location now is trivial, but git grep says that docs/ also needs an update to move utf8proc from an internal to an external dependency.

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