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0002441NetSurfRISC OS-specificpublic2016-03-10 22:262016-04-12 11:46
ReporterDave Higton 
Assigned ToDave Higton 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version3.4 
Target Version3.5Fixed in Version3.5 
Fixed in CI build #3438
Reported in CI build #3433
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Summary0002441: Checks for five of the supplied relocatable modules are out of date
DescriptionSeveral relocatable modules are distributed with the RISC OS version. The !Run file checks for their presence and version number. However, if the check fails, the user is referred to dead links. Instead s/he should be requested to update the computer's !System folder from the NS archive, using the Configure app.

The tests have been out of date for yonks.
Steps To ReproduceNormally you'd have to edit the module version numbers in the !Run file.
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Attached Files? !Run (5,235) 2016-03-11 14:18

Dave Higton   
2016-03-10 22:29   
The attached !Run file is my suggested fix
Dave Higton   
2016-03-11 14:19   
I've replaced the attached !Run file with an updated one following Sprow's review.
Vincent Sanders   
2016-03-14 15:28   
updated riscos/scripts/Run template with changes
Vincent Sanders   
2016-04-12 11:46   
confirmed resolved in 3.5

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