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0002421NetSurf[All Projects] Generalpublic2016-02-01 22:332016-02-10 07:30
ReporterJohn A Harrison 
Assigned ToDave Higton 
PlatformARMX6 (and Iyonix)OSRISC OSOS Version5.23 (and 5.18)
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
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Summary0002421: Mailto link doesn't work
Description(ARMX6) Clicking on mailto: button opens blank mail with corrupt address
(Iyonix) Clicking on mailto: button produces Abort on data transfer error
HTML code passes validation but the address generated in the new mail form has the opening "<" replaced by %3C
Steps To ReproduceGo to:
Click on the bottom blue button at the left: 'Mail us'
Additional InformationThe URL is followed by "?subject= ...". When I created a copy of the page with that removed it works OK on ARMX6 but still generates an error on Iyonix
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Dave Higton   
2016-02-03 21:48   
(Last edited: 2016-02-03 21:50)
I've been experimenting, trying to send many different forms of URLs, but I haven't yet found one that works.

I don't know whether Messenger Pro is failing, or the URI module is failing, or I haven't yet found the right recipe to send a mailto: link through.

I can confirm that this form works as one would expect:

so, in the subject field, %20 is correctly unescaped back to a space. Not so in the address part. Also brackets of any of the 4 shapes stop MPro from opening a window at all. I haven't yet found any escapes that work in the address field.

Quotes don't help, anywhere that I have thought to put them.

I'm using other sources of information to help fix the problem.

2016-02-05 16:53   
With Messenger Pro 7.06 and Netsurf 3346 the email addrezs and Subject appear to be filled in correctly.
Dave Higton   
2016-02-06 23:01   
Kevin: exactly what email address and subject (what mailto link) did you try and find to work?

I've just reverted my MPro installation to 7.06 and it behaves identically to 7.08, i.e. it demonstrates the reported symptoms. There has been no change in NS in the area in question.
2016-02-09 19:37   
I tried the one linked to in the main bug report:

I get email address: hiring@ left domain blank

and subject:

Charmborough Ring - Enquiry
David Pitt   
2016-02-10 07:25   
(Last edited: 2016-02-10 07:30)
Using NetSurf 3.4 (Dev CI #3381)

There are two 'mail' links on the reported page at

The bottom left hand blue link is HTML and goes wrong in RISC OS Messenger Pro 7.08 with the address as and nothing in the Subject field.


At the bottom of the centre column text the link is javascript and works perfectly. If javascript is disabled then that link fails tp appear.

<script type="text/javascript">mail2("hiring","charmborough",11,"?subject=Charmborough%20Ring%20-%20Enquiry","mail us")</script>

N.B. email address amended slightly by me, just in case.

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