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0002200NetSurf[All Projects] Generalpublic2014-09-10 23:302020-08-26 19:38
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PlatformLinuxOSSabotage LinuxOS Version3.14
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Summary0002200: while download progress window is displayed, netsurf uses 100% CPU
Descriptionwhile download progress window is displayed, netsurf uses 100% CPU

netsurf becomes completely unresponsive during a download.
Steps To Reproducedownload a big file so you have enough time to measure, then try to open new tabs etc and experience extreme lag. look at htop to see netsurf process consuming 100% cpu.
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Four Oh Four   
2020-08-26 19:38   
I experience similar large download issue in windows, except 50% of one core is used and browser is responsive.
Currently have build 5197.

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