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0002196NetSurfGTK-specificpublic2014-09-08 07:312014-09-08 14:51
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
Platformx86OSlinuxOS Versionubuntu-12.04
Product Version3.1 
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Summary0002196: Javascript not working
DescriptionI tried to run a javascript but its not working
Additional InformationI am using netsurf-3.1, my log is

M.CONFIG: JPEG (libjpeg) enabled (NETSURF_USE_JPEG := YES)
M.CONFIG: PDF export (haru) disabled (NETSURF_USE_HARU_PDF := NO)
M.CONFIG: glibc internal iconv enabled (NETSURF_USE_LIBICONV_PLUG := YES)
M.CONFIG: PNG (libpng) enabled (NETSURF_USE_PNG := YES)
M.CONFIG: BMP (libnsbmp) enabled (NETSURF_USE_BMP := YES)
M.CONFIG: GIF (libnsgif) enabled (NETSURF_USE_GIF := YES)
M.CONFIG: SVG (librsvg-2.0) auto-enabled (NETSURF_USE_RSVG := AUTO)
M.CONFIG: SVG (libsvgtiny) auto-disabled (NETSURF_USE_NSSVG := AUTO)
M.CONFIG: Sprite (librosprite) auto-disabled (NETSURF_USE_ROSPRITE := AUTO)
M.CONFIG: WebP (libwebp) disabled (NETSURF_USE_WEBP := NO)
M.CONFIG: JavaScript (mozjs185) auto-enabled (NETSURF_USE_MOZJS := AUTO)
M.CONFIG: JavaScript (mozilla-js) auto-disabled (NETSURF_USE_JS := AUTO)
M.CONFIG: Video (gstreamer-0.10) disabled (NETSURF_USE_VIDEO := NO)
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Vincent Sanders   
2014-09-08 14:51   
The javascript support is very limited and has to be enabled using the option in the preferences dialog (for gtk)

The amount of javascript DOM supported is minimal and only the basic tests within netsurf itself currently work.

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